What is Geek Camp?

Geek Camp is a conference for connecting, and creating for members of the Education world. Anyone is welcome to share in this FREE experience. There are direct sessions, time to collaborate with others, and unconference sessions. The goal is to give people of education a place and time to get, adapt, or share knowledge-experience- and skills. We want to support fellow educators in getting ready for a new school year. Our schedule is designed to to allow you the time to create and develop. We know you get lots of PD that involves talking in theory. We want you to go beyond and be ready to implement you ideas. Learning should be fun, and have smores!

Geek Camp was created in 2011. Each year Geek Camp evolves but the core purpose remains the same: support fellow teachers so we can make education better for everyone. Traditionally hosted in the Denver Metro area, Geek Camp is expanding in 2019 to include Geek Camp South to better serve Southern Colorado education.