First Workshop on Gender Equality in

Software Engineering

May 28th, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden

This is an ICSE 2018 workshop

ICT is pervasively influencing all human activities. In this context, more and more people of any age, gender and culture is exposed to such technologies and has to acquire some ability and skill in this context.

For reasons that are still being studied, the engagement of genders with ICT is not uniform. This gap is occurring at all levels and it is evident, for instance, in the small percentage of women covering top positions in professional and academic activities in the field.

At the same time, the community is realising that diversity, when it does not assume the negative aspects of discrimination, plays a key role to a successful and competitive context for software development and research. Such diversity is not only related to gender aspects but refers also to the combination of culture, religion and geographical distribution.

In this context, the purpose of this ICSE 2018 workshop is to discuss about the role, difficulties and opportunities concerning people of different gender in the field of software engineering, in research, education and industry.

The workshop will include some invited speeches from experts in the areas mentioned above, the presentation of accepted position papers and open discussion sessions.

A joint publication will be planned at the end of the workshop to make the community aware of our findings.

The workshop is sponsored by Chalmers University of Technology, IBM and, as an ICSE workshop, by Association of Computing Machinery, ACM SIGSOFT, IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering.