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Gifted Philosophy

"It shall be the philosophy of the Galax City Public Schools (GCPS) to provide equal opportunity for every student to achieve maximum intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth, to ensure that each individual be equipped to communicate effectively with other people to be competent both in the work place and in higher education, and to feel confident of the ability to make creative and constructive decisions in his/her life. "

Section A Division Statement of the GCPS Gifted Plan

Gifted Definition

According to the Galax City Public Schools Gifted Education Plan, "Galax City Public Schools is committed to excellence in education, equality of educational opportunity, and the recognition of each student's individuality. Gifted students are those students in kindergarten through twelfth grade who demonstrate higher levels of accomplishment. Their aptitudes and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require special programs to meet their educational needs. These students will be identified by professionally qualified persons through the use of multiple criteria as having potential or demonstrated aptitudes in the following area: General Intellectual Aptitude.

Gifted Identification Procedures

Gifted Education Identification is a multi-step process. Students in grades K-12 are screened in order to identify students who may benefit from Gifted Education Services. Data from multiple criteria are used in the initial screening. The criteria may include, but not be limited to: parent and teacher rating of student characteristics; grades; and ability and achievement test scores. During the identification process, additional consideration is given to students who may also receive special education services, those who participate in the ESL program or students attending Title I schools .

Those students who have met criteria will then be referred for gifted testing. Referral can be made for any student at any time by teacher, parent or by the student themselves. Once referral has been made and permission to test has been given by parents, students will undergo evaluation by qualified personnel. School personnel have 90 days from the date of permission to evaluate has been given to complete all evaluations. Upon completion of the evaluation all data will be reviewed by the in school Eligibility Committee. In-school Eligibility Committee may be comprised of principal, gifted coordinator, guidance counselor, and referring teacher. Once the committee reviews all data for the student a determination will be made for the student and parents will be notified of the decision that was made.

Local Advisory Committee

Galax City Public Schools has an advisory committee that meets three time a year. The purpose of this committee it to advise the School Board on best practices for gifted student. The committee is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators and community members. If you'd like more information about the committee, or are interested in serving on the committee contact Lynn Justice at

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Galax City Public Schools Gifted Plan


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