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Full Professor

Deputy Director AHeaD research group, BPH INSERM 1219

ISPED, Univ of Bordeaux

146 rue Leo Saignat, 33076 Bordeaux Cedex

Phone: +33 (0)5 57 57 95 40 - Fax : +33 (0)5 57 57 48 25

Admin Assistant: Marie-Odile Coste: Marie-Odile.Coste (at) u-bordeaux.fr(to remove)

Linkedin: link | Skype: kibaro | Twitter: @gayodiallo



09/2022: Full Professor in Computer Science-Digital Health, Univ. Bordeaux, Fr

2022: Visiting Scholar Institute for Health Informatics (Zhang Research Lab), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (MN), USA

2009 - Present: Associate Professor in Computer Science (ISPED/BPH), University of Bordeaux, France

2008-2009: PostDoc Researcher at LISI ENSMA Futuroscpe-Poitiers, France

2007-2008: Research Assistant City University London, UK

2004-2006: Lecturer and Research Assistant, University of Genoble

2001-2004: Junior Lecturer (Moniteur), University of Grenoble



  • Knowledge Engineering in Healthcare, Semantic Information Retrieval

  • Semantic Web: Large Scale Ontology Alignment, Semantic Data integration, Knowledge Graph

  • ICT4Development

Selected Publications [DBLP, PubMed, Google Schoolar, Full List]

  • G. Bordea, S. Faralli, F. Mougin, P. Buitelaar, G. Diallo: Evaluation Dataset and Methodology for Extracting Application-Specific Taxonomies from the Wikipedia Knowledge Graph. 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC'2020). [pdf]

  • K. Drame, F. Mougin, G. Diallo. Large scale biomedical texts classi cation : a kNN and an ESA based approaches. J. Biomedical Semantics. Vol :7(40), 2016. DOI Information : 10.1186/s13326-016-0073-1.

  • G. Diallo. An effective method of large scale ontology matching. J. of Biomedical Semantics, vol :5(44), 2014. DOI :10.1186/2041-1480-5-44.

  • K. Dram e, G. Diallo, F. Delva, JF. Dartigues, E. Mouillet, R. Salamon, F. Mougin. Reuse of termino-ontological resources and text corpora for building a multilingual domain ontology: An application to Alzheimer's disease. J. of Biomed. Informat., vol. 48 :171-182. 2013. doi :10.1016/j.jbi.2013.12.013.

  • B. Kamsu-Foguem, G. Diallo, C. Foguem. Conceptual graph-based knowledge representation for supporting reasoning in African traditional medicine. Engineering Applications of Artifcial Intelligence, 26(4) :1348-1365. 2013. doi :10.1016/j.engappai.2012.12.004

  • P. Avillach, J-C. Dufour, G. Diallo, F. Salvo, M. Joubert, F. Thiessard, F. Mougin, G. Trifiro, A. Fourrier-Reglat, A. Pariente, M. Fieschi. Design and Validation of an Automated Method to Detect Known Adverse Drug Reactions in MEDLINE : a Contribution from the EUADR Project. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). 2013 ;20 :446-452. doi :10.1136/amiajnl-2012-001083.