Sustainable Development and Climate Change:

A multidisciplinary program in Italy

May 27 - June 30, 2018 - Venice - Italy

"We are excited about the possibility of bringing Georgia Tech students to Venice, a city where both of us lived and worked before moving to Georgia Tech." Dr. Alice Favero


"Venice is a city with a glorious past, in a fragile environment, menaced by sea-level rise and by unsustainable economic development. It is a safe and stimulating environment to discuss about the challenges of sustainable development and climate change. With additional trips to the FAO Headquarters in Rome, an excursion to the Alps, a guided tour of the unique MOSE system of barriers to protect Venice from storm waters, and with the participation of local climate and development experts, we count on building a terrific mix of academic and cultural activities for Georgia Tech students." Dr. Emanuele Massetti

What to expect from the Sustainable Development and Climate Change study abroad program?

Understand the key ingredients of a sustainable development pathway: economic growth, environmental sustainability, social development and technological innovation.

Discover why nations fail by walking the streets of Venice and Rome, where inclusive institutions first made them dominate the world and then oppressive institutions caused their economic and social decline.

Explore how and why climate change is going to affect people, the economy and the environment all over the world and experience first-hand the challenges for vulnerable cities like Venice and vulnerable mountain ecosystems as the Italian Alps.

Meet the experts on sustainable development and climate change from the Venice-based Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change, the Italian institution with the largest number of contributors to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.

Learn how models are used to formulate future scenarios on poverty, food, energy and water challenges and how social scientists use models to test policy solutions.

Travel and learn how development challenges are addressed in the real-world. Discover the MOSE, a state-of-the-art system of mobile water barriers to protect Venice from flooding. Meet experts on food, water and forestry at the international Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) during a two-day trip to Rome. Give a last glimpse to the disappearing glaciers from the top of the Italian Alps and learn how climate change affects ecosystems, tourism and water management.