Study Abroad Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Italy

May 24 - July 11, 2020

12 credits, 7 weeks

"We are excited about the possibility of bringing Georgia Tech students to Venice, a city where both of us lived and worked before moving to Georgia Tech." Dr. Alice Favero


"Venice is a city with a glorious past, in a fragile environment, menaced by sea-level rise and by unsustainable economic development. It is a safe and stimulating environment to discuss about the challenges of sustainable development and climate change. With additional trips to the FAO Headquarters in Rome, an excursion to the Alps, a guided tour of the unique MOSE system of barriers to protect Venice from storm waters, and with the participation of local climate and development experts, we count on building a terrific mix of academic and cultural activities for Georgia Tech students." Dr. Emanuele Massetti

What does this summer program mean for your degree and professional career?

  • Build your knowledge about sustainable development and climate change in an unique multidisciplinary program
  • Create networking opportunities and discuss with international experts
  • Meet Italian entrepreneurs and CEOs that are building the Circular Economy
  • Develop skills needed to communicate across the borderlines of conflicting interests, values, and wordviews
  • Earn 9 credits for the Certificate in Sustainable Business and 6 credits for the Minor in Sustainable Cities
  • Fulfill both Humanities and Ethics Requirements

What to expect from this program?

  • Experience first-hand climate change challenges for vulnerable cities and ecosystems and adaptation solutions
  • Spend two weeks in H-Farm, the most dynamic innovation hub in Europe
  • Hike the Dolomite Mountains and spend the night in a mountain lodge
  • Live in the most unique city in the world - Venice - as a Venetian
  • Visit Rome, the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization and Pompeii
  • Discover the state-of-the-art system to protect Venice from flooding
  • Understand the key ingredients of a sustainable development pathway
  • Learn how models are used to formulate future climate, economic and technological scenarios

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