What is PickleBall Outreach? 

PBO is an organization that reaches out to local communities with a message of inspiration, motivation and instruction for Life and Pickleball

(1) We offer the opportunity for people to experience the sport of Pickleball 

(2) We offer people the chance to improve in playing the game of Pickleball 

(3) We offer people a strategy for winning in Life as well as Pickleball

Get to know Gary Heinlein as: 

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Special Offers 

Showcase Videos

Special Offer It's always tough to find a new partner for a tournament when you've never seen each other play. We have the answer to this problem in what we call "Showcase Videos". These videos offer a preview of your style of play for others to see. Right now, you can get a "Showcase Video" produced by PBO Productions for a special price of $150 (normally $300) Here's a LINK for an example and for more information you can call or text 760-207-4314

Get discounts on shoes & inserts 

When you order from DTFootwear.com make sure you use the code PBO for a 10% discount on your Pickleball shoes and use the code PBO-INSERTS for a 65% discount on custom inserts formed from a mold of your feet