Our YouTube channel offers  videos that can take a beginner all the way up to a 4.0 player if they so desire. New videos are being added each week so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out. 

For those in the Payson - Central Arizona area we have

   Gary Heinlein has been very helpful to the growth of pickleball here in the Payson and central Arizona area. His free Beginner’s clinics have introduced many to the sport of pickleball and these people are now out playing on a regular basis. His Drills & Skills clinics were also very helpful in helping people to advance in their pickleball skills. 

   But each clinic was difficult because of the number of players and the different skill levels represented in each clinic. So, during his time off (while receiving a knee replacement) he devised a plan that would help players develop on an individual basis as well as playing together in groups. His private lessons have always been moderately priced, but he also knew that these private lessons could still add up to a lot of money in the long run. 

So, what he came up with was what is called the “Coach’s Club”. It’s a private club that will allow individuals to partake in unlimited lessons until they get to the point of where they want to be in their game. A beginner can make it from a novice player all the way up to an advanced player if they so desire.  Again, the cost of lessons can be very costly but with the “Coach’s Club” a person will not only receive the lessons they need, but they can also receive all the other things listed below which can help them to achieve their goal. 

Unlimited lessons (subject to Gary’s schedule) 

Unlimited coaching and instructions (live, text, video) 

One Free Showcase (highlight) Video of your play 

Free video analyst of your play against other players 

Discount on pickleball equipment and supplies 

Free pickleballs (1 pack a year) 

Free “Coach’s Club” Member T-shirt 

Opportunity to participate in “In House Tournaments” 

Opportunity to play competitive against other clubs (league style play) 

Opportunity to play against higher level players 

Free instructional play (w/Coach Gary) against other members 

Free Beginner's lessons to family and friends 

Free Evaluation session to determine your pickleball rating 

Membership is $100 a month - Special Offer now only $50.00 a month 

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GHP Vision

GHP reaches out to local communities with a message of inspiration, motivation and instruction for Life and Pickleball

(1) GHP offers opportunities for people to experience the sport of Pickleball 

(2) GHP offers people a chance to improve in playing the game of Pickleball 

(3) GHP offers people a strategy for winning in Life as well as Pickleball

How Pickleball got its name

Everyone starts as a beginner including my grandson, Elliot