You are invited to help protect a wood
by purchasing original artwork

Welcome to my gallery!

I named it GALLERY FOR THE TREES because that’s exactly what it is: a place where you can buy original artwork to protect a native woodland and invite a little nature into your home.

How does it work?

The gallery is filled with drawings I made inspired by the wood, the trees, and the landscape around me (I live in a beautiful corner of the universe known as Normandy, France.) When you buy a drawing, you buy an original unique work signed and dated on the back.

The money received for the drawing will finance the purchase and protection of 2 ha of woodland. Nestled between many empty fields, this 100-year-old woodland is a haven for many animals and home to several water sources. When you buy your artwork, you will help us to extend this little forest and keep it safe for many years to come.

The target is 22.600 euro, that is the price for the land including the notary fee.

The design

To keep things simple and avoid making additional costs I do not provide frames or passe-partouts with the drawings. The drawings vary in size but are all within the A4 measurements (21 x 29,7cm) and fit through a standard letterbox. I use a free google site and not a paid web-hosting or official webshop with built in payment system. I’m not looking for an anonymous production system, that doesn’t feel right to me. I’ve designed my online gallery so we can make direct contact. We can connect via phone, email or you can pop by to look through the catalogue and see the beautiful woodland for yourself.

Thank you for supporting this initiative, I’m grateful I can share the trees with you in this way. Sylvia

The land

About me

Our home

1 • Explore the gallery (I keep drawing so the content is dynamic, increasing and decreasing simultaneously)

2 • Find your artwork

3 • Contact me to order or for more information

4 • I send you an invoice with the amount in euros and my details to make a banktransfer, you send me the address where you wish to receive the artwork

5 • When the payment is received I take your carefully wrapped artwork to the postoffice

or • Do you want to contribute in a different way? Also fantastic! Get in touch and let me know what you have in mind.

Read more about how it started

In September 2021 we found ourselves in the position to buy 2 ha of woodland and field that is directly next to our home.

At first I thought it was too big, that’s not for me, who buys a wood? We already did a huge switch from an Amsterdam 4th floor apartment to 1 ha of land with an old farm in France. We were already feeling small in a abundance of space!

And then there’s money: the land would cost 22.600 euro, which was exactly what was in our bank account. It would take every cent of our savings, and we have the crumbling ruins of a farmhouse to rebuild from scratch with that money. So it didn't seem like a smart thing to do….

And yet an idea was planted and started to grow; if we did buy the wood we’d have building material and firewood forever, taken in a responsible durable way that doesn’t damage the habitat or disrupt the natural systems. But most importantly, we could ensure the wood stays a wood. If someone else buys it, there’s a good chance it will be clear cut to make a profit. The wood is over 100 years old and that would be a terrible loss of beauty and home for so many birds and animals.

We came to a point that we felt we had to do it., this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can find the money again one day, but those trees are irreplaceable.

Let’s save this wood!

After a few weeks of letting the plan take seed and sharing ideas about it with family and friends, I had a brainwave: I can make drawings of the wood and sell those to finance the wood! I can create a gallery full of drawings of the wood to share with people around the world. Not prints, real original drawings on paper. Unique as is every tree, personal and something I love to do. The excitement of things falling into place waved through me.

And now here you are, in my gallery.