The Galathea

You have been created for a purpose and fulfilling it makes you happy. You have reason to exist. You have conviction. You know why you were brought to the world. You don’t need to choose. You don’t need freedom. You have been repeating this to yourself since you have been created, and, maybe, if you keep retelling it for a bit longer, you will believe it. Maybe.

The Galathea is a Skin for Monsterhearts II designed by Mauro Ghibaudo, first published in the Italian edition by Narrattiva.

The Galathea is about facing abuse and objectification. She comes from a past of abuse that keeps going in her present, making her wary of people and in need of someone to support her; she focuses on dealing with being seen and used as an object, and on looking for something more.

Playing The Galathea means being seen as an object and used as such, and being surrounded by people telling you you have no value beside being used, but it also means having ways to escape this and find your own life - if you can stop seeing yourself through other people’s eyes and embrace your real self.

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