Gainesville HEMA

Classes are cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are an up and coming HEMA group. HEMA is short for Historical European Martial Arts, and for our purposes this means swordfighting. We will be doing drills on historical swordfighting techniques. We are currently based in the Gainesville Florida Fencing Academy, located at 1925 NW 2nd Street, Gainesville, Florida. Here's their website:

Our meetings are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. If you wish to participate you must be at least 13 and mature enough to wield a sword safely. The first meeting is free, but after that there is a fee of $26 a year to become a member of the HEMA Alliance, the link to that website is here: (Make sure that you get the "In-network Discounted Alliance Membership.")

Then it is $30 per month for classes. No matter how many classes you attend it is always the same price. For those who have their own sword that meets HEMA standards it is only $25 a month, and if you have your own helmet, gloves, and sword it is only $20 a month. If one has an entire set of full-contact sparring gear, as well as a sword, then it is only $15 a month.

*We currently can only accept cash and checks, a PayPal account is being set up.

If you're already into HEMA and want to know more specifics of what we will be studying here's what we'll be going over specifically. We will be studying German longsword techniques from "The Art of Sword Combat" by Joachim Meyer. We will later branch out into more weapons, most likely saber and rapier, once we have grown enough to support paying for new equipment.


(352) 340-3424