Gainesville HEMA

Many changes have been made to how we operate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and classes now take place outdoors at a new location, details below.

We are offering free limited-capacity lessons by appointment. Face masks, gloves, and temperature readings will be mandatory. And no more than three people per session. Inquire via email at for further information and to make an appointment.

One-on-one shashka saber classes are now available, in addition to the longsword ones.

We are an up and coming HEMA group. HEMA is short for Historical European Martial Arts, and for our purposes this means sword fighting. We will be doing drills on historical sword fighting techniques based off of historical texts. Our goal is to create a group for those who want to practice authentic sword fighting techniques.

If you're already into HEMA and want to know more specifics of what we will be studying, check out the "About Us" page for more information.

There is no requirement for equipment or experience to join. If you wish to participate you must be at least 13 and mature enough to wield a sword safely and responsibly. And if you would like to spar you'll need to sign up with the HEMA Alliance and get a membership for $26 a year under the "affiliate membership" option, which also comes with other benefits. ( If you find yourself looking to join up in the long-term we recommend that you get some of your own equipment, which you can find more about in the "Equipment" page.


(352) 340-3424 (Please leave a message if you get the answering machine, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.)