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Due to recent changes within our organization, we at Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia have decided to take a one (1) month hiatus. Our two (2) remaining members love this work, but we have determined that neither of us has the capacity to continue at our current pace at this time. We will be returning in late April 2023. 

We are not permanently disbanding the organization, however, we both need time to focus on ourselves, school, and work, so that we are able to come back and do this work successfully. We will also review our current mandate and shrink it back to focus less on events and community planning, and back to our initial mandate of policy consultation. This will pause all upcoming events and appearances, and we will not be responding to emails at this time

We appreciate the community’s understanding and support as we both recover from severe burnout.

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Care to Become may be purchased at Java Blend, Pete Frootique (Bedford and Halifax), and Cortados Tasting Room. 

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View our blog post on Java Blend's website HERE!

Transgender, Gender Diverse, and Intersex Rights are Human Rights

This is not a political issue, it is a matter of human rights. This issue should not be politicized as we are speaking about the rights and lives of some of the most vulnerable and unrepresented individuals in Nova Scotia.

We Deserve Better

We deserve health equity and access. This includes access to transition services and general practice healthcare that is representative and responsive. 

Seeing the gaps and barriers in our current system, members of the transgender, gender diverse, and intersex community (the Community) decided to act; they researched, wrote, and consulted with gender affirming care (GAC) experts, policy professionals, and the Community to create what will be the most progressive GAC policy in Canada. 

The Current System

Members of the Community have been failed by our current system of GAC in Nova Scotia. Gatekeeping, limited coverage, inaccessible care, and long wait times have stopped people from getting the life-saving care that they need. While some supports and coverage exists for those seeking GAC in Nova Scotia, the current policy does not do nearly enough.

It is time for that to change.

We are Ready

This policy is ready for Government. We have officially began consulting with the Government of Nova Scotia, and with the help of our supporters and individuals across this province, we can make this a reality.