Gabriel Pleités

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Economics, The University of Utah


I am a social scientist with expertise in Labor Economics, Construction Economics, and Inequality. My research focuses on the XX century to present US economics, occupational health and safety in construction, wage inequality, and unionization in the construction industry. At the end of my Ph.D. I will have taught 5 different courses, one of which for Undergraduate and Master-level students, and the rest to General Education Students, and Undergraduate Economic Majors. From 2018 to 2019 I was a Research Assistant for the Economic Evaluation Unit at The University of Utah. In 2019 I also became a Fellow research scholar of the Institute for Construction Economics Research (ICERES). I am deeply interested in labor economics, applied microeconomics, and inequality.

I'm also the founder of the non-profit that provides basic research assistance (survey and image tabulations, translations, etc.) employing students in developing countries and using would-be profits to promote the early education and health of young students in these countries.

You can learn more about my non-profit here:

I will be available for interviews at the 2020 ASSA in San Diego, CA.


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