Cospaces Edu + Merge cube

With the recent collaboration between Cospaces Edu and Merge VR, students now have the power to create their own content for the Merge Cube. Here's a quick sample project I made to show my students some of the possibilities. This project features simple game mechanics that could be replicated and modified for educational use. I can't wait to see what my students will think of!

Printable Merge cube

Step 1: Download my DIY template.*

Step 2: Print on card stock for best results.

Step 3: Put your amazing arts & craft skillz to work and make your own DIY paper-craft Merge Cube!

Step 4: After you fall in love with your free paper Merge Cube, buy yourself a real Merge Cube.

Step 5: Unlock the full potential of AR and VR by getting yourself a pair of Merge Goggles!

Bonus Step: Join the active community of Merge Educators on Facebook, Twitter, and Flipgrid. Flipgrid password: M3RG3cube

Extension Idea: Scale up to make a GIANT MERGE CUBE!

*Template designed to print on size A4 paper. Please note: I do not receive any compensation from Merge, and I have been given permission to reproduce the Merge Cube.

Educational ar apps for merge cube

EDU Cube Apps K-5.pdf

grade K-5 apps

EDU Cube Apps 6-8.pdf

grade 6-8 apps

EDU Cube Apps 9-12.pdf

grade 9-12 apps

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