Special Course during the week of the 10th Asia-Pacific Futures Network Conference in Bangkok

Futures Thinking and Transformational Change Master Class 

2-3 September 2024, Pratumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

A special master course in Futures Thinking run by globally recognized Futurists Prof. Sohail Inayatullah and Dr. Ivana Milojevic and hosted in collaboration with The Change Initiative, Thailand for the 6th time in Bangkok. This exlusive course is taking place prior to the 10th Asia-Pacific Futures Network (APFN) Conference at Sasin School of Management in Bangkok. For more information on APFN please click here

Please notet that the course fees are highly subsidized in support of the APFN mission of "Creating a forest of foresight". 

Why should you take the course

During the two days intensive workshop you will plan for the future, learn from it and shapre it into your preferred vision. You will learn from two leading international futurists, analysing past and future trends to identify new opportunities and anticipate and manage change across your organisation. You will learn novel methods that help you to understand the future from multiple perspectives and thereby ensure more robust strategies. 

Through this program, you will examine how effective leaders learn both from the present. You will gain meaningful models, problem-solving tools and strategic frameworks to anticipate the major threats and opportunities facing your organization or sector. 

Last but not least, you will work and learn collaboratively with a group of interesting participants from other sectors and countries and form meaningful relationships. 

Course Design & Methodologies

1. Interactive Sessions

Interactive Sessions delivered by our world-class futurists provide tools and models to frame your future and increase your level and quality of strategic thinking.

2. Case Studies

Case-studies provide real-world examples that translate futures thinking into strategic skills. 

3. Group projects

Group projects enable participants to apply futures methods and tools to their own organisation and gain insights from different industries.

4. Peer learning groups 

Peer learning will facilitate knowledge sharing and feedback to ensure you have a powerful experience that drive results. 

For whom is the course

This futures thinking master course is suitable for senior managers, policy makers, senior trainers, consultants and facilitators for strategic change and transformation for all sectors including the the public and corporate sector.