Our lab focuses on the design, synthesis, and study of molecules that emulate peptides, proteins, and natural products. These diverse naturally-occurring molecules have an incredibly diverse repertoire of function in nature. We strive to replicate these functions by creating synthetic molecules that could serve as sensors, materials, or therapeutics. Take a look at this video that summarizes one of our projects, and/or read more about our work with peptoids and other biomimetic molecules!

Educating undergraduates through research

Student researchers in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at SCU are all undergraduates. They work on projects carried out in Dr. Fuller's research laboratory and in introductory organic chemistry laboratory courses. Their work provides intensive training in modern synthesis methods and various spectroscopic analyses. Undergraduate researchers routinely present their research results at regional and national conferences and are co-authors on scientific publications.

Students interested in joining the lab should consult these FAQs and contact Dr. Fuller through this form.


February, 2021: Our review paper "Using Fluorescence to Enable Innovative Functions of Foldamers" was accepted for publication in Israel Journal of Chemistry. Congrats to co-authors Michelle and Jose!

December, 2020: Our collaborative paper with four other global institutions describing the synthesis and identification of new antimicrobial compounds through the Distributed Drug Discovery project was published in ACS Chemical Biology! (paper is open-access)

March, 2020: Congratulations to many student co-authors on the publication of our paper on sequence-structure evaluations of peptoids in Frontiers in Chemistry! (paper is open-access)

January, 2020: Congratulations to co-authors Somayeh Motevalli, Michelle Nguyen, and Ben Tan! Our paper detailing the synthesis and cyclooligomerization of N-substituted azole-amino acids, biomimetic synthetic building blocks, was published in ACS Omega! (paper is open-access)

July, 2019: Welcome to summer in the Fuller lab! New researchers Dylan Lawton ('20, De Novo Scholar), Michelle Nguyen ('21, REAL Scholar), Jose Moreno ('21), Ella Martinetto ('21), and Sukie Kevane (Lincoln HS, San Jose) join returning student researcher Christian Jimenez ('21, DeNardo Science Scholar) for the summer.