Fueled by Coffee and Love

Fueled by Coffee and Love

Real Stories from Real Teachers

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Why Fueled by Coffee and Love?

Being a teacher can be tough, but there is so many little (and big) joy moments in our day-to-day. This is an anthology of real stories from real teachers.

But I'm not a writer?

I'm not a professional writer, or publisher. In fact, I've never self-published a book before. Or taken on a writing task this big. So, let's do this and learn together!

I don't have anything important to share.

Yes, you do! For reals, you do. This project isn't meant to collect perfect stories from perfect teachers. It's a cross-section of the teaching world, and highlights the range of teachers and classrooms. The goal is to represent all teacher voices, especially yours!

I'm not so sure about this...

We're all taking a risk with this. My students are doing 20Time projects, and watching my every move. It's not easy, but I'm ready and excited to learn. You'll have plenty of support from me, other writers, and the community.

Let's do this!

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Fueled by Coffee and Love is a 20 Time project created by Mari Venturino.

The goal is to compile stories from a diverse group of teachers about their day-to-day successes and struggles.