Fort Leavenworth Hunt

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Family is one of the words most often used to describe the Fort Leavenworth Hunt. We pride ourselves on providing excellent sport for all ages and types of riders, and a strong community to which to belong. Whether you ride with the First Field, or in the Hilltopping Field, you are guaranteed to find fellowship with others who love to follow hounds on the back of a faithful horse.

Who We Are

Members of the Fort Leavenworth Hunt come from all walks of life. We are members of the military (active duty, reserves and retired), family members of the military, teachers, doctors, small-business owners, students and more. Our hunt is the last remaining foxhunt associated with the military, and our kennels are located on Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, which is an active Army post. Although our club is called a foxhunt, the goal of our efforts is to chase, not kill, our quarry - which is typically coyote! We hunt with a pack of Crossbred foxhounds whose breeding and pedigree are carefully maintained by our huntsman. Our primary hunt country is the woods and fields near Easton, Kansas, but we also have fixtures in Maryville, Missouri, and the rolling grassland of the Flint Hills.

Easton Hunt Country

Maryville Hunt Country

Flint Hills Hunt Country

What is the Leavenworth Foxhunters Association?

Established in 1992, LFA is a 501 (c) (7) not for profit social club dedicated to the promotion of interest in the sport of foxhunting through support of any activities which promote the sport of foxhunting. It is located on Fort Leavenworth, and focused on the Fort Leavenworth Hunt.

Officers of the Association

Dawn Staver, President

Anne Deguchi, Secretary

Lillian Davis, Treasurer

Karen Hayes, Member at Large

Tammy Hane, Member at Large for Gear

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