Injury Prevention

The 4 steps if you deal with a injury.

1. The Stretch

Which stretch should I use? How often should I stretch it?

2. Therapy

Ice? Heat? Foam Roller? Physical Therapy?

3. Nutrition

What foods will help enhance the healing process?

4. Prevention

How do I prevent this injury from happening again?

Foam Roller Therapy

roller therapy

"Just a short note to say thanks for your efforts in presenting these new techniques for better movement. I felt that what I learned on the field Saturday afternoon after OSU'sspring game was well worth the 12 hour round-trip."
R. G. / Mid-American Conference Football Official

"...I thought that it was a great classand I definitely learned a lot! Ithought that it was well worth themoney. It was great to get the oneon one attention and to get to talk toyou about some problems I havebeen having..." J.K.

"Thanks so much for the time and advice given to us this weekend! I will definitelyincorporate the more of the stretching moves in my pre-game routine and I will also usethe warm-up exercises into my fitness regimen."
J. R. / Big 10 Football Official

"Thanks for taking the time to speak with us on Saturday. I love your message and theinsight you provide. The good news for me is that many of the drills you shared arealready part of my training program. However, I think I now have a better clarity andfocus on the technique of those drills. Until now, I have been using the drills as a warmup and not a tool to improve my movement efficiency. Additionally, I was happy to hear your thoughts on pre-game nutrition."
M. P. / Mid-American Conference Football Official