proper FLEXIBILITY will enhance your abilities to:

1. Move Efficiently

2. Release Muscle Tension and Soreness

3. Reduce Injuries

4. Muscle Circulation

5. Builds Strength and Range of Motion

Dynamic Stretching

Calve Stretch

Post Training Stretch Routine

Hamstring Stretch

"...I had a great experienceattending the FSE Officials' clinicthis weekend. I learned about theimportance of staying hydrated,eating the right food and havingproper training and movements(before, during and after ourgames). I learned so muchthroughout the clinic..." K.B.

"...I really thought it was wellorganized and provided a lot ofuseful information.....I woulddefinitely recommend this to anyother officials I've come in contactwith..." B.S.
"If you are looking to take your craft to thenext level, Sean Robbins FSE will help youattain that and more.For years, I was in search of someone thatI could work with for sustained strength,endurance and core development. Sean notonly did that but worked with meon my diet and pre and post game routines.He even came to a number of assignmentsto film my movement and provide me withregular (and fluid) feedback.The more you want, the more Sean fills inthe gap. He continues to be an additionalasset to my development as an "athlete instripes". Thank you, Sean.This is extremely appreciated given ourresidences being in different parts of thecountry (I reside in NYC)."D.P.Big 10 Official