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Sports Officials Training

Improve agility, get sharper on the field and be Game-Ready!

By participating in the Officials’ Fitness Training, you will increase your knowledge in:

  • Warm-up and Cool-down
  • Importance of flexibility and how it benefits you
  • Directional and transitional movement techniques
  • Using movement techniques to reduce occurrence of injuries
  • Game Day nutrition
  • Training to be Game Ready!

Hands on experience to improve your movement mechanics.

FSE is expanding to include online training services. Train with Head Trainer Coach Sean Robbins even if you are not in proximity to an FSE facility.

Coach Sean has done clinics for:

  • NFL
  • Big 10
  • PAC 12
  • Mid American Conference
  • Missouri Valley Conference
  • Tait-Consul Football Officials Clinic
  • SNOA

"Sean has changed the paradigmon how officials' physically trainand prevent injuries common tothe trade. When you are aroundSean you get better and smarterabout how to GET BETTER andimprove your performance."R K.UMFO Clinic Director
Coach, thank you for being withus during the game. I lookforward to you training us in thefuture, I learned a great deal andif you have anything that canmake me better I'm all ears.Thanks again coach!"M.G. / Missouri Valley FootballConference Official
"I just wanted to say thank you forcrew. I really appreciate yourexpertise and feedback on how Ican improve my runningmechanics to help preventinjuries."L.G. / MAC Official
"I wanted to thank you again foryour observation, tutorage, andproviding great feedback andcorrective advice. I will implementthe workout and recommendedtraining that you have suggested.Again, it was great having you asa part of our crew last week. Thanks for all of your help."R.D / MAC Official