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FRYSC CORPS is an AmeriCorps project, with members committed to serving the children of Kentucky in partnership with caring families, supportive schools and resource centers, active communities and dedicated volunteers, providing literacy-rich opportunities to assist K-12 students in improving their reading skills, benefiting their entire lives.

FRYSC Corps is an AmeriCorps Program that partners with mainly Family Resource and Youth Service Centers in Kentucky schools to combat food insecurity and provide additional reading tutoring to K-12 students.

If you have questions about this position you may contact April Hess at or call/text 502-234-4709.

Literacy Tutors

A FRYSC AmeriCorps Literacy Tutor will be expected to tutor around 20 students in reading, work with the school in various capacities based on school need, as well as serve with the Family Resource and Youth Service Center. The FRYSC has the primary goal to remove non-academic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success. We also like to place an emphasis on addressing food insecurities at your service site. AmeriCorps also requires all service members to pass a federal background check.

Youth Service Corps

YSC Corps is a group of high school students serving as 300 hour AmeriCorps members. The student members support their Family Resource and Youth Service Centers, mentor younger students, and provide service to their communities while earning an education award they can use towards their college education. A student must turn 17 years old during service in order to apply to be a Youth Service Member. Youth Service members do not receive a living stipend, only an education award.

Living Stipend

This position earns a living stipend rather than a paycheck. This position does offer health insurance to members that are not already covered under an existing plan. The living stipend for the 2022-2023 school year are the following

1700 hour members

Serving from August 1, 2022- July 31, 2023

$18,500 annually paid out 2x monthly

40 hours a week

1200 hour members

Serving from August 1, 2022- May 31, 2023

$12,950 annually paid out 2x monthly

40 hours a week

900 hour members

Serving from August 1, 2022 - May 31, 20223

$9,250 annually paid 2x monthly

20-25 hours a week

Education Award

After a member completes their service year and all of their required hours they will also receive an Education Award that can be used towards existing student loans or to pay for future classes at an accredited college or university.

The Education Award are the following amounts

1700 hour member- $6,495

1200 hour member - $4,546.50

900 hour member -$3,247.50

300 hour member - $1,374.60

Youth Service Corps

Step 1 – Fill out "Intent to Apply" google form above

Step 2 – Download the application or continuation to your computer and complete.

Step 3 - Please make sure that all required signatures are on the document BEFORE returning.

Step 4Submit your application via email to Heather Musinski – by April 30, 2021

Step 5 – Applications will be reviewed and partners will be contacted when AmeriCorps federal funding is confirmed.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact us directly!

Heather Musinski - (502) 352-0851

April Hess - (502) 234-4709

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