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Build your Portfolio with Strategic Interviewing

Integrating this next set of resources and strategies, you can effectively use strategic interviewing to create rich, engaging content and comprehensive marketing portfolios. Readers and listeners are naturally drawn to colorful stories of wins and losses, as these narratives resonate on a personal level and evoke emotional responses. Content that includes revealing insights not only captivates but also retains and attracts audiences. By leveraging the power of strategic interviews, you can uncover authentic stories and valuable information that elevate your content, making it more compelling and appealing to your target audience. 

Prepare Thoughtful Questions

Develop a list of open-ended questions that encourage detailed responses. Focus on topics that align with your content goals and marketing strategy.

Record and Transcribe Interviews

Ensure you accurately capture the interviewee's responses by recording the conversation and transcribing it for reference.

Highlight Key Insights

Extract the most relevant and compelling points from the interview. These can be used as direct quotes or to inform larger content pieces.

Create Various Content Formats

Extract the most relevant and compelling points from the interview. These can be used as direct quotes or to inform larger content pieces.

Storytelling Techniques

Integrate storytelling techniques to make the content more engaging. Personal anecdotes, challenges, and successes shared during interviews can be powerful narrative elements.

Promote Authentically

Share the content across your marketing channels, ensuring you highlight the interviewee's contributions. This can also help build relationships and encourage them to share the content within their networks.

Identify the Right interviewees

We help you choose individuals who can provide valuable insights and perspectives related to your content themes. This might include industry experts, customers, employees, or influencers.

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