FRIENDS OF KERA (U.K.) - UK Charity Registration Number: 1144092

Objectives and Activities of the Charity

1) To help disabled children by spending time with them and their families.

2) To help families overcome stress, isolation and loneliness, by attending activities and achieving a sense of belonging whereby they have somewhere to look forward to going on a regular basis.

3) To help deprived,disabled, single parent families on low income in an environment where classification of their status is of no relevance and everybody is treated and respected as equal in society.

4) To educate members by arranging seminars and discussions centred on what disabled children's parents have to go though in caring for a disabled child.

5) To organise events for disabled children and to give such children something to smile about and forget about their disabilities, specifically in poor regions of Kutch, India.

We wish to thank our volunteers for their devoted contribution and we look forward to this continuous support in the future.

More About US - https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%22friendsofkera%22

FoK Contact: Karsan Nardani (Kishore) | M: +447880 735 227 | E: karsan.nardani@hotmail.com