Friends of Hamilton Humanities

Who are the Friends of Hamilton Humanities?

The Friends of Hamilton Humanities is a parent organization dedicated to the support of the Humanities magnet at Hamilton High School. Our three priorities are:

(1) Building financial resources

(2) Building community

(3) Representing the Humanities magnet program to the outside.

Our financial resources support smaller class sizes, curriculum enhancements, new student orientation, underwrite fieldtrips, teacher development programs and other various efforts to support the overall Humanities Program.

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What is the Humanities Program (or Magnet)?

Humanities is the study of what makes us human. At Hamilton, that means an emphasis on strong English and History courses where the teachers stress reading, writing and critical thinking and areas study include the arts, literature, philosophy, media, etc. The class sizes are small, the work is rigorous, and the faculty is supportive, creative and enthusiastic.

More Detail

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