Welcome to the website of the Fricke Episcopal Food Ministry! Whether you got here via our SHARE Omaha profile, our recent letter, or our Facebook page, we're glad to have you here!

Announcement of Winners!

The Fricke Episcopal Food Ministry would like to announce the five winners of our Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Each one will receive a pair of Day Passes to The Salvation Army Kroc Center, 2528 Y Street in Omaha, including all its fun-filled activities. The passes are good through July 31, 2022.

Congratulations to the winners:

Gary Darlington

Sue Buesing

Kristi Poledna

Craig Vance

Meredith Sonnenfelt

About Us

The mission of the Fricke Episcopal Food Ministry is to serve others in the name of the Lord by providing food to families and individuals in need. We are a coalition comprised of representatives from seven Omaha-area Episcopal churches, who work collaboratively with other agencies in the Omaha metro area to distribute food where it is most needed.

The winners provided correct answers to the questions within the stated time limit. Each question concerned a partner of the Fricke Episcopal Food Ministry:

1. Benedictine Way:
Q: When is the group’s St. Benedict’s Pantry open?

A: From 10 a.m to noon on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturdays of the month – every Saturday except the 3rd (thebenedictineway.org)

2. COPE: Christian Outreach Program-Elkhorn:
Q: Where must a client reside in order to be eligible for services from COPE?

A: Anywhere (copeinfo.org)

3. The Pantry on Blondo:
Q: What kind of food item does the pantry especially ask for as a donation?

A: Protein items like canned tuna and chicken (allsaintsomaha.org)

4. Project Hope:
Q: How often do Project Hope clients who request food need to bring a photo ID?

A: Every time you come (projecthopeomaha.org)

5. The Salvation Army Kroc Center:
Q: What are five kinds of classes in the arts offered at the Kroc Center?

A: Any 5 from these 7: Aquatics; Health & Fitness; Sports; Arts & Music; Healthy Aging; Life Skill Classes; Day Camps (omahakroc.org)

6. Table Grace:
Q: At what school did Table Grace Chef Matt Weber learn his cooking skills?

A: Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Healing (tablegraceministries.com)

7. YES: Youth Emergency Services:
Q: What is the maximum time that youths in the YES Transitional Living Program are permitted to live in a home?

A: 18 months (yesomaha.org)

We also wish to thank all who donated to the Fricke Episcopal Food Ministry during SHARE Omaha’s Do Good Week, April 19 – 24. We are proud to partner with the seven nonprofits listed above, which we help to support with Food Security Grants. By giving to us, you help support all these groups, because We Make Feeding the Hungry Easier!