Fresh Food Diet

Eating a fresh food diet made up of whole foods is the secret to enjoying great health and a longer life that can be free from all kinds of disease and medical conditions that are routinely associated with eating a poor, predominantly processed, or junk food based diet.

Instead, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds in abundance and by doing that and over time you can see yourself gradually getting slimmer, leaner, healthier and above all, feeling great!

For a graphic representation of what is possible, here is a cool video I shot that outlines what it takes to switch to a diet rich in fresh, wholesome foods:

In fact, you can watch it here too:

Battling with Obesity and Winning

It is never an easy thing to do, but when you are obese and you really have to do something to turn your life around, then taking action is the first step on the road to a slimmer body and better health

No one likes to be told that they have allowed themselves to become obese, but it’s a harsh fact of life that no one else can make you obese, you have to get there all by yourself.

In fact, it's pretty hard work getting yourself into such a bad state of health, because you really do have to force a load of unhealthy food down your throat and make yourself do no exercise. Sitting in front of the TV all day is a horrible way to live your life and it must be so difficult to force yourself to sit through all those mind numbing commercials.

But when you take action, you can start losing weight almost right away with the right diet and exercise plan that suits you and your own preferences. You may find it quite exhilarating to throw out the TV set and never have to have your brains sucked out through your eyes ever again.

It will seem pleasantly enjoyable to be able to eat real food again instead of all the pasty, cardboard textured processed junk that you have been force feeding yourself.

And imagine how nice it would be to open your front door and go for a walk in real daylight! This is how to battle obesity and win!

The Importance of Staying Healthy

Staying as healthy as possible is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself throughout your life. After all, when you have your health, you can do most things and can enjoy life to the fullest without fear of getting ill or suffering anything too major.

Some people are very good at keeping themselves healthy and other are not.

If you ever thought you could just drift through life and everything would take care of itself, then you probably have a reasonably calm and laid back state of mind that will help you in staying healthy as long as you keep yourself relatively physically fit and eat a good diet.

It's amazing just how many people go through life so stressed out about things they can't do anything about that they actually cause their own ill health to manifest though all that stress.

When you have your health and a positive, happy and upbeat frame of mind, you don't get stressed and because of that you can enjoy better health. So don't be a slave to stress, stay calm, be cool and let the worries of the world pass you by!

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