About Flyball

Flyball is a dog relay race where two teams of 4 dogs race each other head-to-head over four jumps for a tennis ball. This fast-paced sport is also sometimes referred to as dog drag racing, in reference to the light tree used. The first dog, otherwise known as the start dog, must pass the start line after the go light. The next dog passes it without crossing the start line until the start dog breaks the timing sensor. This is repeated for the last two dogs, with the last dog being the anchor dog. The smallest dog on the team is called the height dog and sets the jump heights. Any faults, including not triggering the box, dropped balls, missed jumps, early starts, or hot passes are penalized by the dog running again at the end. The fastest team (without being too fast) wins the heat and races are usually best 3/5. Flyball is a great team sport open to all dogs and people, from young children to the elderly or those in wheelchairs are welcome! For more information check out United Flyball League International or North American Flyball Association!