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FreeSpace is a Cultural Project company dedicated to promoting the highest level of professionalism, artist performance and committed to helping develop the idea of creative music and culture in China and abroad. Based in Guangzhou, China, FreeSpace was founded by Guangzhou local Angel Hu and American musican Joe Longardner. Both Ms. Hu and Mr. Longardner want to promote FreeSpace through honest work and culturally captivating performances.

Corporate Event Planning

FreeSpace can help provide the essentials to any corporate party while adding a flare of cultural prowess to any occasion. With our experienced team and a network of professional contractors, FreeSpace will be able to provide the perfect event for your needs.

Introducing the FreeSpace Management


Freespace founder Angle Hu has been a life long lover of art and culture, and, has the greatest passion for live music culture and literature. A Guangzhou local, Ms. Hu graduated from Guangzhou's South China Normal University in Literature and went on to have a successful freelance agent career booking Jazz, Blues and contemporary pop music throughout China including some of the top venues in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and many more second tier cities. In 2018 Ms. Hu decided to formalize and expand her agency work by starting FreeSpace. Her passion for cultural development has already benefited many audiences, musicans and venues, and she hopes to help develop China's cultural influence in a positive way through honest, professional work at FreeSpace.

Artistic Director

Artistic Director Joe Longardner is an American Jazz Musician who has lived in China since 2013. Joe has toured and performed in most of Asia's top venues including Blue Note Beijing, JZ Club Shanghai, and many more in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. Joe currently holds two endorsements, one from Kim's Korea Saxophone Company from Seoul, Korea and another from JX Custom Mouthpieces from Guangzhou, China. He is a former Music Director for Carnival Cruise Lines and holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Jazz Performance from Butler University and the University of South Florida respectively. Joe is excited to work as the Artistic Director for this start-up Cultural Project and looks forward to promoting high leval Art and Culture to awide variety of audiences and clientele while promoting honest and trustworthy service. Check out some of Joe's playing below.

Contact us

If you have any questions about booking FreeSpace please do not hesitate to contact us with the QR Below. Press and hold the QR and then press, "Scan QR Code in Image" and add the contact. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, and thank you for contacting FreeSpace.