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If you are looking for business software but can't find anything that matches what your business needs, give us a call, we can help. 

Perhaps you need more than your existing system can deliver, give us a call, we can help.

Freeman Software can build a custom software system that collects all your business information into one place. A custom software system that all of your staff can access. A custom software system that lets you search your data in the ways you need: by history, client, item, date range, or any other way you require - you name it.

The Benefits

The benefits of using Freeman Software's customised software solutions include:

Freeman Software - working with you...

Our Approach

Custom Built SoftwareThroughout the development of your custom software we consult regularly with you to ensure all your business requirements are fully captured and no critical element is overlooked. At Freeman Software, we take the time to listen, to truly understand your business needs and your custom software requirements.

We identify the approach and solution that is right for your business. We consider and evaluate the key factors that will drive and impact on a successful custom software solution, e.g. system compatibility, scalability to accommodate business growth, and requirements/need for future IT support.

Our general approach is as follows:-

Freeman Software - custom built software

For More Information

If you would like to discuss your businesses requirements and/or the suitability of one or more of business modules, please Contact Us.