Freefire Studios


Welcome to the official page of Freefire Studios! Our mission, is to make games the way they used to be made, made with heart and soul. Enjoy brand new experiences, such as Fishing Time - a story based horror game, Pizza Cafe VR - a pizza owner simulator experience!

Fishing Time

Step into the shoes of a fisherman who fishes up memories he wishes to forget.... This game was created for the Brackeys Game Jam, you can try out the free one, but just wait! A deluxe edition is coming out very soon! Releasing brand new features, like updated graphics, new endings, animations, and even more! Check it out here on!

Pizza Cafe VR

In Pizza Cafe VR, step into the exciting world of virtual reality where you become the proud owner of a bustling and delightful pizza cafe! From classic margheritas to adventurous gourmet creations, the possibilities are endless! Become a master of the pizza world, earn a reputation for your outstanding pizza cafe, and watch as the virtual world lines up for a slice of your culinary magic in Pizza Cafe VR! Check it out here on!

Cat Assault

Step into the cat-like arcade top down shooter! Where you can face all types of mouse enemies! The Bruiser,  The Mage, and The Medic. All having different skills to take you down! But your not alone in this battle! Collect different abilities to assist you on your journeys! Abilities include, time slow down, fire sphere, nuke, and of course CAT NIP! 

Harvest Havoc 

Rouge Like, Farming Simulator, Satisfacotory? PERFECT COMBO!

Step into the boots of Mike, a farmer who is trying to grow his farm and be the most efficient farmer in the county! Grow your own crops, Harvest them, Gain XP and Money to grow your efficiency! Buy automatic machines to do the work for you, and gain upgrades that assist your farmer in being the best!