Welcome ALL to Freedom High School Media Center!

Go Patriots! Freedom Pride!

Media Coordinator: Whitney Collins (formerly Lawson)

Come check out what's going on in our Media Center! Great changes are happening, and we want one & all to come and visit! Come pick up a new book!

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Come check out and introduce yourself! We're excited to have you all back in person


Don't forget to stop by for a new book!

Goodreads helps you do a ton of things including tracking what you read, suggesting books, and even lets you join diffrent book clubs!

Whichbook is an awesome place to find a book based on a variety of things! You can base your choice on emotion, world maps, and even best sellers!

Gnooks is super easy to find books! Put in three authors you like, and they'll blend them to find a NEW author that you'll love!

An amazing site that helps you find not only BOOKS, but music, tv, and movies that you may be interested in!

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