London FIT workshops

The London FIT Network is an informal network of London based (linked) researchers with interests in Financial Intermediation Theory (broadly defined).

  • Its purpose is to foster interactions and to offer members a platform to exchange ideas, and an opportunity to informally present their work.
  • Current and past members are from the BoE, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cass, Exeter, Imperial, LBS, LSE, Newcastle, Oxford, PSE, UCL, and Warwick.
  • Please contact me ( if you are interested.

Next event

Friday October 12, 2018 - London FIT Workshop at the School of Management, University College London

14.30 Coffee, tea, and cookies

14.45 Shengxing Zhang (LSE): Dynamic Liquidity-Based Security Design

15.45 Coffee break

16.00 Jason Donaldson (WashU): The Opportunity Cost of Collateral

17.00 Drinks with a 360° view of London

Past events

April 13, 2017: Workshop at LBS (LT2)

14.00 Coffee, tea and cookies

14.15 Hongda Zhong (LSE): Debt Structure under Limited Commitment

15.00 Heski Bar-Isaac (LBS): Blockholder Voting

15.45 Coffee break

16.00 Kebin Ma (Warwick): Systemic Risk and Market Liquidity

16.45 Adjourn

December 19-20, 2016: Conference at the London Business School

EuroFIT Conference on Syndicated Loans

December 19, 2016

13.30 Registration

14.00 Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics): Shock Propagation and Banking Structure (with Farzad Saidi)

Discussant: Sascha Steffen (University of Mannheim)

15.00 Maria Loumioti (MIT): Portfolio Performance Manipulation in Collateralized Loan Obligations (with Florin Vasvari)

Discussant: Cem Demiroglu (Koc University)

16.00 Tea and coffee break

16.30 Matt Gustafson (Penn State): Bank Monitoring: Evidence from Syndicated Loans (with Ivan Ivanov and Ralf Meisenzahl)

Discussant: Matt Plosser (NY Fed)

17.30 Keynote Speaker

Bo Becker (Stockholm School of Economics): Bad times, good credit (with Kasper Roszbach and Marieke Bos)

Discussant: Tony Saunders (NYU)

18.30 Adjourn

18.45 Reception drinks (everyone welcome - Garden Room)

19.30 Dinner (invitation only)

December 20, 2016

9.00 Tea, coffee and pastries

9.30 Peter Demerjian (University of Washington): Assessing the Accuracy of Forward-Looking Information in Debt Contract Negotiations: Management Forecast Accuracy and Private Loans (with John Donovan and Jared Jennings)

Discussant: Bugra Ozel (UT Dallas)

10.30 Tea and coffee break

11.00 Glen Schepens (ECB): Life below zero: Bank lending under negative policy rates (with Florian Heider and Farzad Saidi)

Discussant: Ralf Meisenzahl (Federal Reserve Board)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Andrew Bird (Carnegie Mellon): Short-termism Spillovers from the Financial Industry (with Aytekin Ertan, Stephen Karolyi, and Tom Ruchti)

Discussant: Ningzhong Li (UT Dallas)

14.00 Tim Eisert (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Whatever it takes: The real effects of unconventional monetary policy (with Viral Acharya, Christian Eufinger, and Christian Hirsch)

Discussant: Tobias Berg (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

15.00 Adjourn

October 21, 2016: Workshop at LBS (LT10)

14.20 Coffee and Tea

14.30 Frederic Malherbe (LBS): A positive analysis of bank behaviour under capital requirements (with Saleem Bahaj)

15.30 Peter Zimmerman (Oxford): Relationship lending when banks are fragile (with Alan Morrison and Joel Shapiro)

16.30 Mike Mariathasan (KU Leuven): Rational Inattention and Counter-Cyclical Lending standards (with Sergey Zhuk)

17.30 Adjourn

May 13, 2016: Workshop at LBS

15.00 Coffee and Tea

15.15 Joel Shapiro (Said Business School): Credit Ratings and New Information

16.00 Q&A and comments

16.15 Kebin Ma (Warwick Business School): Bank Information Sharing and Liquidity Risk

17.00 Q&A and comments

17.15 Adjourn

December 14, 2015: JOB MARKET teaser session at LBS

Venue: LBS – Room SG06

10.30 Coffee and tea

10.40 Pedro Pinto (LSE): Securitization, Non-Recourse Loans and House Prices

11.30 Ansgar Walther (Oxford): Crowding out Disclosure: Amplification and Stress Test Design

12.20 Adjourn

The job-market teaser concept is the following:

    • Presenters are students on the market this year
    • With a job market paper (at least broadly) related to Financial Intermediation Theory
    • These are short presentations (45 min) that should follow some rules
      • Be concise and go to the point as quickly as possible
      • No more than 15 slides (which should not be too wordy)
      • Slides entitled as (or consisting of what) follows are not allowed:
      • Literature review
      • Preview of the results
      • Outline
      • Every variable that is shown should be named

November 13, 2015: Workshop at LBS (Room A125)

14:30 Tea, coffee, cookies

14:45 Rish Singhania (Exeter): Bank Deposit Insurance in the Presence of Uninsured Financial Institutions (with Stephen LeRoy)

(45 min + 15 min Q&A / discussion)

15:45 Break

16:00 Shengxing Zhang (LSE): Endogenous Market Making and Network Formation (with Briana Chang)

(45 min + 15 min Q&A / discussion)

17.00 Adjourn

October 9, 2015: Workshop at LBS

14.00 Tea and coffee

14.15 Martin Oehmke (Columbia and LSE): Bank Resolution and the Structure of Global Banks (with Patrick Bolton)

15.30 Coffee break

15.45 Christian Julliard (LSE): Information Asymmetries, Volatility, Liquidity, and the Tobin Tax (with Albina Danilova)

17.00 Adjourn

May 15, 2015: Workshop at Imperial

14.00 Registration

14.15 Anatoli Segura (Bank of Italy): Off-balance sheet vehicles, voluntary support and bank reputation

15.30 Coffee break

15.45 Douglas Gale (Imperial): A Model of Bank Capital in which Deposits Have Social Value

17.00 Brannon Morrison (LBS, ex FDIC): The FDIC during the crisis (provisional title)

18.00 Reception (Ognisko restaurant, Exhibition Road)

April 17, 2015: Workshop at LBS

14.15 Tea and coffee

14.30 Ansgar Walther (Oxford): Rules vs. discretion in bank resolution (with Lucy White)

15.30 Discussion

15.45 Coffee break

16.00 Rafael Matta (Amsterdam): Insecure Debt (with Enrico Perotti)

17.00 Discussion

17.15 Drinks (Windsor Castle)

December 11-12, 2014: EuroFIT Conference at LBS (click here)

November 28, 2014: JOB MARKET TEASER session at Cass Business School

14.00 Tea and coffee

14.15 Kebin Ma (Warwick): Self-fulfilling Fire Sales, Bank Runs and Contagion: Implications for Bank Capital and Regulatory Transparency

15.15 Break

15.30 JM Teaser 1: Guillaume Villemey (Sciences-Po): Derivatives and Reisk Management by Commercial Banks

16.15 JM Teaser 2: Di Gong (Tilburg): Systemic Risk-taking at Banks: Evidences from the pricing of syndicated loans

17.00 Adjourn

October 3, 2014: Workshop at London Business School (room ELG001, E Wing)

14.45 Tea and coffee

15.00 Shengxing Zhang (LSE): Collateral Risk, Repo Rollover and Shadow Banking

16.00 Ilaf Scheikh Elard (Oxford): Capital Repatriation, Openness and Financial Crisis

17.00 Adjourn

May 30, 2014: Workshop at London Business School (Room PLG03)

14.30 Coffee

14.50 Christoph Bertsch (Sveriges Riksbank): A detrimental feedback loop: deleveraging and adverse selection

15.40 Christian Laux (WU Vienna): Regulating Bank CEO Compensation and Active Boards

16.30 Coffee break

16.40 Maxim Nikitin (ICEF Moscow): Globalization, Exchange Rate Regimes and Financial Contagion

17.30 Adjourn

December 13, 2013 (afternoon): Job-market teaser session at LBS.

14.20 Coffee

14.30 Jing Zeng (LSE): Contingent Capital Structure

15.15 Jason Donaldson (LSE): Procyclical Promises

16.00 John Kuong (LSE): Self-fulfilling Fire Sales: Fragility of Collateralised Short-term Debt Markets

16.45 Adjourn

November 29, 2013: Workshop at London Business School (Room PLG03)

2.15 Welcome coffee

2.30 Vania Stavrakeva (LBS): Optimal Bank Regulation and Fiscal Capacity

3.30 Coffee break

3.45 Afrasiab Mirza (Birmingham): Dynamic Prudential Regulation

4.45 Adjourn

September 27, 2013: Workshop at London Business School (Room LGH001)

9:45 Welcome coffee

10:00 Farzad Saidi (Cambridge): Information Sensitivity and Scope of Financial Intermediation: What are the Real Effects

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 David Skeie (NY Fed): Federal Reserve Tools for Managing Rates and Reserves

12:15 Adjourn

May 3, 2013: Workshop at London Business School (Room PLG03)

9:45 Welcome coffee

10:00 Joel Shapiro (Oxford): A Mechanism for LIBOR

10:50 Coffee break

11:00 Max Bruche (Cass): Debt Maturity and the Liquidity of Secondary Debt Markets

11:50 Adjourn

March 8, 2013: Workshop at London Business School (Room SG06)

9.30 Welcome coffee

9.45 Ansgar Walther (Cambridge): Capital and Liquidity Regulation

10.30 Coffee break

10.45 Jason Donaldson (LSE): Investment Mandates and the Downside of Precise Credit Ratings (with Giorgia Piacentino, LSE)

11.30 Adjourn


The Macroeconomics of Financial Stability

At the London Business School on 4 December 2012. Click here for the programme.

November 30, 2012: Workshop at London Business School (Room PLG03)

14:00 Max Bruche (Cass): Preventing Zombie Lending

14:45 Ansgar Walther (Cambridge): Capital and Liquidity Regulation (Job market teaser)

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Toni Ahnert (LSE): Crisis, Coordination, and Contagion (Job market teaser)

16:45 Christoph Bertsch (UCL): A model of liquidity provision with adverse selection (Job market teaser)

17:30 Adjourn

17:30 Drinks at the Windsor Castle

October 12, 2012: Workshop at London Business School (room E202)

09:45 Welcome coffee

10:00 Jing Zeng (LSE): Contingent Capital and Bank Regulation

10:40 Q&A

11:00 Ana Babus (Imperial): Trading and Information Diffusion in Over-the-Counter Markets

11:40 Q&A

May 11, 2012: Workshop at London Business School

"Communication in Banking Crisis"

09:45 Welcome coffee

10:00 Joel Shapiro (Oxford): Information Management in Banking Crises

11:00 Questions and answers

March 2, 2012: Workshop at London Business School

"Financial conglomerates and risk taking"

09:45 Welcome coffee

10:00 Christoph Bertsch (UCL): The banker in a prisoner's dilemma

11:00 Discussion by Jing Zeng (LSE)

11:30 Questions and answers

January 20, 2012: Workshop at London Business School

"Vickers Report / Retail Bank Ring Fence"

09:45 Welcome and coffee

10:00 Christoph Bertsch (UCL): Overview of the Vickers Ring-fencing proposal

10:30 Fred Malherbe (LBS): Ring-fencing the Banks (work in progress)

11:00 Discussion

Additional Material:

November 10, 2011: Workshop at London Business School

"Liquidity and Capital Requirements"

09:45 Welcome and coffee

10:00 Toni Ahnert (LSE): Systemic Liquidity Requirements (with Benjamin Nelson, BoE)

10:40 Discussion by Christoph Bertsch (UCL)

11:00 General discussion and comments

11:30 Fred Malherbe (LBS): Dynamic Macro-prudential Policy (work in progress)