Franklin Djeumou Fomeni, PhD

Associate Professor of Operations Research

Department of Analytics, Operations and Information Technologies

Management School of the University of Quebec in Montreal (ESG-UQAM), Montreal, Canada

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News Updates!

  • [18 August 2020] As of August, I have become an Associate Professor of Operation Research in the Department of Analytics, Operations and Information Technology (link) at the Business School of the University of Quebec in Montreal (ESG-UQAM). This has always been the career of my dreams. Having to fulfill such a dream at a university located right in the heart of the best university city in the world, really, nothing could be better! Thank you Lord :-)


I am a PhD graduate in Operations Research-Management Science. I completed my Doctorate degree at Lancaster University, United Kingdom, where I was awarded the "Kingsman Prize" for the best PhD thesis in Operations Research at Lancaster University. My research interest lies at the interface of the theory and application of deterministic optimization methods to problems in energy, transport and manufacturing. More precisely, I develop and implement exact and heuristic algorithms for solving integer and mixed integer optimization problems applied in the above industries.

My research experience can be summarized as follows:

  • At Polytechnique Montreal, I worked on developing an effective solution algorithm for binary constrained mixed-linear complementarity problems. These problems can model a variety of real world applications such as the equilibrium in energy markets, the equilibrium of transportation networks, etc.

  • During my time as a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University, I was working on a project called OptiFrame (Optimization Framework for the Trajectory Based Operation in air traffic management). This was a H2020 project funded by the European Commission. The main objective of the OptiFrame research project was to apply the principles of mathematical modelling and optimization to configure and assess the performance of the Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) concept.

  • For my PhD, I was interested in developing heuristics and exact solution algorithm for solving the well known quadratic knapsack problem.