About Francisco

Based on a true story

Francisco the bunny, was found on April 2005 scampering around South 11th Street in downtown San Jose, California. Worried someone might be looking for a lost rabbit, Jenny and Tony brought Francisco to the San Jose Animal Care Center. The center notified Jenny that although Francisco's original owners were located, they didn't want him anymore, choosing to abandon Francisco instead of a safe surrender.

Determined to avoid the possibility of Francisco being euthanized, Jenny and Tony adopted Francisco! They also reached out to The Rabbit Haven to adopt a mini-lop bunny named Wednesday, who quickly became Francisco's best friend. Francisco was never lonely again. Together, Francisco and Wednesday enjoyed eating carrots, relaxing in their 3-story custom built condo and doing "binkies" (bunny hops) in the hallway.

After 8 years of bunny bliss, Francisco passed away due to natural causes, followed by Wednesday a few years later. In an effort to honor Francisco's life, Tony created an oil painting of Francisco that won the Art Show International Gallery's "Talent Prize Award" during their 2022 International Juried Art Competition.