R O O M R E F R E S H:

Do you have a room that could use some love? With the Room Refresh Package, we will assist with paint, furniture, rug, and decor selection. We will take your items, add a few new items, & arrange them; giving your room a fresh new feel. Starting at $160

S T A G I N G T O S E L L:

Do you want to sell your house and make it more marketable? If so, we have the right solution for creating attractive and functional spaces that will help buyers see the full potential of your house. We will use your existing items, bring in new items, and create the best arrangements. Staring at $160

H O M E R E M O D E L:

Is the current layout of your home in need of reconfiguration? The Home Remodel Package includes a 60-minute consultation meeting, floor plan layout, renderings (pictures of what your space can look like!), construction documents, flooring, paint, furniture, and decor selection. Starting at $570

A G I N G A T H O M E:

Are you or a loved one struggling with functional tasks around the home? Simple modifications to the home might assist you with the hardship of daily tasks. The Aging in Place Package includes a 60-minute consultation meeting and a review with suggestions on modifications that can be made throughout the home. Upon receiving the suggestions, you can choose to hire us for other packages that will make those suggestions a reality - Room Refresh and Home Remodel. Starting at $55

H O L I D A Y D E C O R A T I N G:

The holiday season can become overwhelming and we want to take holiday decorating off your plate. With our Holiday Decorating Package, we will use your seasonal decor, add a few new pieces, and prepare your home for the holidays. Starting at $180

P A I N T P A R T Y:

Is picking paint colors not your thing? We would love to assist you! The Paint Party Package includes paint selection for 1-3 rooms. $40