Francesca Pancotto

I am Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. My research focuses on the investigation of rationality of human choice in connection with social and economic behavior. In particular, I focused on the study of individual behavior and social norms and on the irrationality of expectations in financial markets. In 2015, I funded Rebel, the Reggio Emilia Behavioral and Experimental Lab. This January(2019), together with Marco Mamei (and Marco Lippi, Semit Tumen and Semyi Cilasun) we won our second Big Data Challenge, precisely the 'D4R' proposed by Turkish Telecom, in the category education.

Individual behavior and social norms

Publications in referred journals

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Book Chapters:

  • Salah, A. A., et al. "Policy implications of the D4R Challenge." Guide to mobile data analytics in refugee scenarios: the'Data for Refugees Challenge'study. Springer, 2019. 481-498.

Working papers:

  • Reflectivity reduces pro-sociality but only among strategic subjects, with S. Righi, F. Codeluppi, G, Debetag, submitted
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  • The effect of a natural disaster on the contribution to the public good, with S. Righi, G. Devetag, M. Mamei, F. Giardini, in progress

Behavioral Finance:

Publications in referred Journals

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Articles in Referred Proceedings and Collections

  • M. Anufriev, G. Bottazzi and F. Pancotto, "Speculative Equilibria and Asymptotic Dominance in a Market with Adaptive CRRA Traders" in Abbot, D., Bouchard, J.P., Gabaix, X., and McCauley, J.L. "Noise and Fluctuations in Econophysics and Finance" SPIE Conference Proceedings, vol. 5848, SPIE, WA, 2005.

Working papers

  • Consistency, Learning and Higher Order Beliefs: A Structural Model of Exchange Rates Dynamics, with G. Pignataro, D. Raggi, submitted
  • The less I know the better: The role of Information for efficient forecasts, with E. Giacomini, G. Valeri, in progress
  • A bayesian model of firm advertising: theory and empirical evidence, with R. Ferretti and L. Ferrari, in progress


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  • The role of moral hazard in Consumer Credit Complaints, with S. Cosma and P. Vezzani, in progress