eTwinning Project


This school year, ESO 3 students take part in an eTwinning project with a higschool from Germany, Emil-Fischer-Gymnasium, and another from Norway, Grytnes ungdomskole . Check their websites and learn about how schools are different in Europe!

The three school students will read Framed, by Frank Cottrell Boyce, so we will share reading activities, comparing places to Manod and what is most important, we will live an unforgettable experience.

Check the logo contest poster and video video!

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So far, we have hanged out twice, the first hang out was a "Mystery Hangout" to find out where about our twins were from. The second, was only with Norway, we asked questions about food, school, festivities and other topics. Here you have the mindmap which shows what we learned about Norway on Friday 27 small groups hangout!

3SF tasks calendarbo.pdf

Here you have the team tasks calendar.