The Fabius-Pompey Recreation program is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers. We strive to keep athletics fun, meaningful, and accessible to all. While we keep our registration fees as low as possible, please do not let them exclude you from registering your child for one of our programs. If needed, we offer the Mark Johnson Financial Assistance Grant. You can find more information on the grant by clicking on the link in the left sidebar.

Cheerleading: Runs until March 4th.

Basketball: Basketball started the week of November 28th and runs until February 11th.

Grades k-2 Saturdays 10-11am

Boys grades 3/4 Mon & Thurs 7-8pm

Boys grades 5/6 Mon & Thurs 7-8:30pm, Games on Saturday starting in January

Girls grades 3/4 Wed & Fri 7-8pm

Girls grades 5/6 Wed & Fri 7-8:30pm, Games on Saturday starting in January

We need you!

The recreation program runs with volunteers from the community that would like to see the continued support of organized athletics for our youth. Please join us at our next board meeting.

NEXT F-P Recreation Board Meeting... is at 6pm on JANUARY 29th at the Community Center

"The Dome": If you really want to know what it is, and how to earn a 50% registration voucher, take a minute and tab over to the dome page.