Forest Park Middle School

46 Oakland Street, Springfield, MA 01108

413 - 787 - 7420

Principal: Sara Macon


Forest Park Middle School will provide a safe, supportive and equitable school community that fosters personal and intellectual growth and challenges all students to become engaged citizens and lifelong learners.


The faculty and staff of Forest Park Middle School are committed to:

  • Providing a positive environment where all students can be Focused, Prepared, Motivated, and Safe;

  • Providing an equitable learning environment that teaches and empowers students to be active, self-directed learners who take ownership of their learning;

    • Ownership of learning requires a set of skills related to the self (interpersonal skills) and to interacting with others (interpersonal skills).

    • Students show ownership by: knowing what they do know and do not know (metacognition); being motivated and invested in their academic and social growth; seeking help and persisting; and effectively learning with their peers.

  • Providing learning activities that facilitate critical thinking, creative problem solving, practical application of skills, and effective, appropriate use of technology;

  • Providing engaging, varied, and challenging standards-aligned curricula, instruction, and assessment to all learners;

  • Providing a supportive learning community where diversity is respected, and students are empowered to become self-advocates and effective communicators;

  • Encouraging students to expand their learning by actively engaging in co-curricular activities;

  • Working to bridge the gap between parent, school and community and improve relationships between home and school, which empowers families to become proactive in their children’s education on a continuous basis.

Commitment to Equity and Anti-Racism

· Forest Park Middle School is committed to high quality instruction in an inclusive learning environment. We honor the uniqueness of each individual and embrace diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a strong, inclusive community and to prepare students for lives in a multicultural society.

· We are committed to providing every student an equal opportunity to participate and thrive in the academic and co-curricular programs.

· We believe in and are actively working to examine bias and to dismantle racist and inequitable practices and policies that support white supremacy, white privilege, and the oppression of marginalized groups.

Springfield Empowerment Zone equity webpage:

To help guide this work, Forest Park has created an Equity Leaders PLC and has two teachers who are Chief Equity Influencers. Book clubs were held to begin to facilitate our discussion about systemic racism as a staff, reflect on unconscious bias and the ways it plays out in our classrooms and hallways. This work is central to our planning both this year and next year to create a school and culture that is equitable for all students and staff.

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Programs Offered

  • Breakfast in the Classroom

  • Advisory to support social/emotional learning

  • Monthly and Intermittent Behavior Incentives

  • Monthly Family Engagement Opportunities

  • Academic Support for students daily during teacher office hours

  • After School Clubs: Diversity Club • Drama Club • Game Club • Gardening Club • Girls on the Run • Girls Who Code Club • Kindness & Caring Club • Springfield Sharks Swim Team

  • Team Sports, C3 Basketball League, and Intramurals

School Hours: 7:25 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.

Main Office Hours: 7:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Phone Number: 413 - 787 - 7420


46 oakland Street

Springfield, MA 01108