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If you are a resident of America, then you must be well versed about the Fox News channels because several Americans stream this news channel to stay updated with the current happening going on around the world. This news channel is not only popular in America but in different corners of the world and it has created a huge fan base by offering reliable news content to the viewers. So, if you are also interested in adding it to your Channel’s list and want to activate the Fox news channel on your smart device, then you have landed at the perfect place. To buy and then activate the Fox news channel on your device, you simply need to visit or follow the quick instructions given in this helpful post. Not just that, you also get the eligibility to stream it on different modern-day devices apart from the ones that are mentioned in this document. "covid-19 "

How much does Fox news channel subscription cost?

If you haven’t purchased a subscription for this channel yet and wanted to know how much it will cost you, then you should note that it comes at a cheap subscription cost. A subscriber needs to pay only $5.99 on a monthly basis to pay to enjoy Fox news services. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Fox news yearly subscription, then it will cost you around $64.99 only which is quite a low price as compared to other channels. If you subscribe to any plan of this channel, you may be able to stream it on devices such as Android TV, Android mobile and tablet, iOS devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku TV, Xbox One, and so on. Now that you know enough details about the Fox news channel, let us now proceed with the steps to buy the channel subscription which will be followed by activating it on different devices via

Method to subscribe to Fox news channel

  1. First of all, using a browser, go to site

  2. Now, click on the “Login” button and access your account

  3. Else, sign up for a new Fox news account by tapping on the “create an account” option

  4. Then, go to the “Subscriptions” section and then choose a preferred plan

  5. Now, make the payment for your subscription and you’re done.

Steps to activate Fox news channel on a device

  1. Begin by installing the Fox news channel on your device

  2. After this, click on the “Add channel” option on your smart TV

  3. Then, launch the application that you have just downloaded

  4. Now, navigate to the settings option available at the left

  5. Then, click on the “Log in Provider” option and sign in with your account details

  6. On the next screen, you will see the Fox code

  7. Note down, save, or copy this code and go to site

  8. Choose the device from the list of devices and enter this activation code

  9. Again, you will see the login page on your screen on which you need to click

  10. Once you log in, the Fox news channel activation will be successful on your device

Activating Fox News Channel on a Roku device

  1. Begin by turning on your Roku device

  2. After that, navigate to the Channel’s list and choose “Settings”

  3. Next up, click on the “Log in provider” option to proceed further

  4. Now, complete the login procedure by feeding the necessary details

  5. Your screen will now display the connect code on your screen

  6. Copy this code and then go to site

  7. After that, you should choose “Roku Media Player” from the given list

  8. Now, select the provider and then input the code that you noted earlier

  9. When prompted, log into your Fox news connected account

  10. You will see the activation successful message on your screen as you log in.

Tips to avoid Fox news channel activation issues

  • Make sure that you have connected all the cables to the right slots

  • Please ensure to provide high-speed internet connectivity to your smart device

  • Make sure that your Channel Store has Fox news channel installed

  • Be very careful while entering the activation code on Fox

  • Contact your TV service provider for any more assistance during the activation

  • Please create an account on Fox news beforehand for best results.


For activating the channel on your device, you can consider as your ultimate destination. In case you lose the activation code, you can regenerate the code once again by repeating the same procedure. You can also refer to the same article in case you need to activate the Fox news channel on any device other than the ones mentioned in this post.