Tester Questionnaire and Credits

First and foremost we must thank you for participating, your patience while we work and make sure we are using the rules correctly in order to accurately test them and for your input! what follows are some question we would like you to ask yourself while you play the system.

Testers: We want to test and improve the system so please answer the below question and submit it via google docs, email, Forum or on the approved Discord Servers

Who are testers? Are you playing the game ? if yes then you are a tester grats.


  • How was your experience?
  • What was your favorite moment?
  • What was your Least Favorite moment?
  • Did you think something was too strong or too weak?
  • What confused you the most ?
  • Was there anything that you thought was just not worth doing?
  • Was there anything that just made something else not worth doing?
  • Anything in particular you would like to see or be able to do?
  • Any awkward or clunky moment in gameplay that you thought could be executed in a more thematic or a more elegant way?
  • Any other questions, thoughts, or suggestions?

Finally, if you are in a Google doc and see something you have a question about, please post in the Discord forums on any relevant server.

If you would like you name to be included as a tester please let us know so we can add you to this document and future iterations of any credit page.