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Map of Missouri Four-Day School Week School Districts (2018-2019)

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Turner, J., Finch, K., & Uribe-Zarain, X. (2018). The Economics of a Four-Day School Week: Community and Business Leaders’ Perspectives. Applied Economics and Finance, 5(2), 168-174. (Download PDF)

The Four-Day School Week Districts Continues to Grow in Missouri

Jon Scott Turner, Kim Finch, Ximena Uribe-Zarain

From MSTA School and Community Winter 2018

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What Savings Are Produced by Moving to a Four-Day School Week?

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The Four-Day School Week: Nine Years Later

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Parents outraged by Chattooga County School Board's Decision to Lengthen School Week (WRCB-TV, Georgia) January 18, 2019

Webinar recorded May 7, 2019. Implementing the four-day school week in an elementary school: Perspectives from Principals

Sample Parent Surveys

Warsaw Missouri Parent Survey

Warren County (Warrenton) Missouri School Board Presentation

Knox County R-I Community Survey

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