What is it and why do we need it?

Throughout the duration of this unit, we will be discussing the purpose of government, as well as the origin of government, how different types and systems of government operate, and how American government came to be. Get excited!

We will Complete this activity in collaborative groups during the class period. The document will be shared through Classroom.

Hobbes, Locke, and the Social Contract

Priority Standards Addressed:

  • Learning Target 1 (2.CC.B.GV) - Analyze the Declaration of Independence and determine the influence of Enlightenment ideas from prominent philosophers, including John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Jean Jacques Rousseau.
  • Learning Target 2 (2.CC.D.GV) - Compare and contrast types and systems of government, including unitary, federal, and confederal systems, and democracies, oligarchies, and autocracies. Describe the relationship the government has with the people.
  • Learning Target 3 (2.EC.A.GV) - Describe how economic systems and principles influenced the creation of the United States.
  • Learning Target 4 (2.CC.A.GV) - Trace the changing relationship between the colonies and Great Britain, and describe how that relationship may have made colonists feel they deserved to be independent.