FORT Collins Atmospheric ScientisTs

Department of Atmospheric Science @ Colorado State University


We are a student chapter in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. FORTCAST's goal is to serve as a basis for science discourse throughout Northern Colorado.  We also aim to  promote and advance the atmospheric sciences through community outreach.

What We Do

What's Brewing?

"What's Brewing" is a seminar series featuring distinguished speakers from various sectors of atmospheric sciences, including professors, industry experts, private sector professionals, and research scientists. Our seminars cover a wide range of scientific topics within the field, from hurricanes, avalanches, and the Colorado snowpack to wildfire research and climate change. These seminars are often enjoyed after with some kind of "brew".

Young Scientist Student Symposium on Atmospheric Research (YSSAR)

The Young Scientist Symposium on Atmospheric Research (YSSAR) is a one-day meeting for young scientists, including students and postdoctoral researchers, along the Front Range. Presenters at YSSAR can practice their presentation skills, and YSSAR provides opportunities for presenters and attendees alike to learn about their fellow peers' current research topics, network, and meet potential collaborators. YSSAR 2024 will be held at CSU in October. Official date TBD. For more information, please visit the YSSAR website at or send an email to

Little Shop of Physics

The Little Shop of Physics is a hands-on science outreach program within CSU's Physics Department and one of CMMAP's K-12 Education partners. FORTCAST members volunteer to teach science to the thousands of people who attend every year. This event is free and open to the public and will be held this year on Saturday, February 24th, 2024 in the Lory Student Center. To learn more about the Little Shop of Physics Open House, please visit

K-12 Educational Outreach

One of our objectives is to share atmospheric science with the community and inspire the next generation of scientists. We frequently conduct K-12 educational presentations and visit schools to engage students with our field of study. If you are interested in us giving a presentation to your school or organization, please fill out our Interest Form in the "Outreach" tab above and we'll get back to you!