forpac resources

ForPAc in a nutshell: Introductory material, flyers and posters

ForPAc Leaflet 2018.pdf

ForPAc Key Messages

ForPAC_pres for Dialogue Platform.pptx

Open access journal articles:

MacLeod 2018 Onset Cessation.pdf
Kilavi et al 2018 MAM rains.pdf
MacLeod and Caminade 2019.pdf
MacLeod et al 2020 KMD Advisories.pdf
Boult et al. 2020 Tamsat validation.pdf

Project outputs, reports and policy briefs:

WISER-FCFA-coproduction--case-study-ForPAc Final.pdf
Technical Paper_ Drought forecast based action_ The ForPac approach_final.pdf



Forecasting onset and cessation of the east African rains _MacLeod_AGU_POSTER.pdf

Shear_Seasonal Forecast_snapshot_April19.pdf

ICHA Forecast Barriers Policy Brief.pdf

Integrating-Forecase-based-Action 2020 ICHA report

Our activities more detail: workshop and project reports

Climate_Training_workshop_report _27 09 18.docx


ALERT-ForPAC Report Using Climate Info Servcies_ FINAL.pdf

Nairobi climate training workshop report_ 18_02_19.docx

The drought early warning system (Isiolo and Kitui case study) in detail:

WP1.1_EWS in Kenya-Review_MA.pptx

ForPAC_pres for Dialogue Platform.pptx