How To Get A Forklift Licence

Getting Your Forklift Truck License in Brisbane

Getting a forklift license used to be overlooked by operators that couldn’t be bothered with the training processes, but after recent legislation was introduced by the Australian Government – anyone found to be in breach of operating laws could find themselves facing hefty punishments. To make it as easy as possible for suitable candidates to obtain a license, a brand new CSQ funding scheme was made available to provide a grant to those eligible.

Are Brisbane Licenses Valid Throughout Australia?

They certainly are. Any training school hoping to provide official forklift licensing will need to be registered and compliant with all health and safety regulations – and as these are governed nationally, the license can apply to Brisbane and any part of Australia in general. In order to receive a license, a training program will need to be undertaken whereby a candidate will be expected to complete their training.

These programs can vary from training facility to training facility, but in the majority of instances they will cover a similar curriculum. This training can be covered over the course of a weekend, or prolonged to better suit the applicant. In order to book a course, a candidate must submit a notice of interest to a training agency where they will then have their application reviewed and approved (or rejected in rare cases).

What Does the Training Involve?

Once the course has been signed up to the candidate will be expected to attend their chosen campus for a period of time, reflected by the type of course that they have applied for. For example, fast-track forklift licensing courses can often take place over the course of a single weekend. Longer courses will understandably possess a prolonged training period (or up to a week in most cases), whereas refresher courses can take just a few hours.

The training itself will involve an introduction to the maintenance and management of a forklift truck, as well as a host of necessary information to help with the general operation of these types of vehicles. Furthermore, the course will cover how to safely load and unload using the attachment, how to access the battery if necessary and how to gauge the pressure and capacity of tyres.

The training will be provided by a licensed and qualified coach and it will be their duty to ensure that every applicant, whether the training is taking place individually or as part of a group, will be able to keep on top of the relevant information and guidance. At the end of a training a formal assessment will take place. Successful candidates will then be able to apply for their license and receive a temporary notice to allow them to operate a forklift while their license is sent to them officially.