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Getting a Forklift License in a Weekend in Sydney.

One of the best ways to operate a forklift truck on a civil construction site is with a relevant license. These licenses are issued to those that undertake training courses and complete them successfully - and in order to do so, a program will need to be signed up to. Some programs can take place on site, while the majority will require a candidate to visit a training campus in order to undergo their education so that they can work in civil construction.

Certain courses can be completed in a matter of hours (particularly refresher courses), whereas others may take up to a week to finish in full. But there are also other options out there; especially within Brisbane, where the forklift training industry has undergone an extensive expansion over the past decade.

Nowadays it can be an option to undertake a training course over just a single weekend – including the initial introduction, education and final assessment. Successful applicants will then be able to apply for their license once they have been acknowledged as passing their course, and the formal license could be with them in the space of just a few days.

Getting a forklift license in a weekend

In order to sign up to a weekend course, a candidate will need to find a reliable forklift training company that offers on-campus programs. To gauge eligibility, the applicant will need to get in touch with the course provider to find out if they meet the relevant criteria. If they do, they will be able to book themselves into a weekend course – usually at a time and date that suits their needs.

Some courses can benefit from particular grants, such as the CSQ funding scheme. If an applicant is eligible they could receive an initial sum of cash to put toward (or cover the cost of) their forklift truck training. Most courses cost between $600 and $700 AUD, so the grant of up to $700 can be worth considering for those that may need the financial support.

Once the course has been signed up to, the program will begin by introducing the student to the basic schematics of a truck. The information covered can include maintenance, management and operation. Once these introductory features are taken care of (often within the first hour or two), the next phase in training will take place - and this period is often referred to as the practical period.

During this period the student will have the opportunity to manage their forklift, operate its features and get to grips with the fork attachment, as well as learn how to safely load and unload materials. This training will be spread across the first day, with a minor refresher period at the start of day two.

The second day will then be used to evaluate and assess the candidates’ performance and understanding – and if the trainer deems the applicant to have completed their training; they will be able to apply for their license immediately. For more on how to get your forklift licence in Brisbane in a weekend visit AusForkLiftTraining