Eva Breton Clymer

September 15, 2015 - October 14, 2019

A beautiful little girl who's impact has been felt all around the world has gained her wings. Eva's story has been shared by our family to help spread awareness of all aspects of parenting a child with special needs as well as to share the pureness she brought into this world. On October 14th, after a normal Monday, Eva passed away in her sleep. Her spirit could be felt everywhere she went and the loss of her has been great.

Everyone has asked how they can help, or are looking for a way to contribute. We have been so fortunate to have received a great gift from Eva's preschool teacher who came up with the idea to build a memorial playground in her honor. All donations to the memorial fund will go directly to this project. WE DID IT! We have raised enough funds to build Eva's Playground! Any excess funds will be used to contribute to the Little Ponnies' classroom wish list.

UPDATE: Amador County Unified School District has some big changes on the horizon that directly affect our ability to break ground. We are in a bit of a holding place waiting on the final plans for the new preschool facility. Amador desperately needs updated preschool-specific classrooms for our youngest students so this will be a wonderful move for our community. However, this means we must wait until the new facility is built for us to be able to complete our project. Currently, the district is in the planning stage of a multiple classroom preschool facility that will feature a typical playground as well as Eva's Playground. The district will be proving us with a fenced in area ready to build on, which we are excited about! We hope to see this project completed by 2024 but must remain patient with the districts school consolidation process and believe in the end goal to offer more education opportunity to our young people. We will continue to update via Instagram @evas.playground. THANK YOU!

Eva's Playground will be located next to the Little Ponies Special Education Preschool in Jackson, California. This playground will be the first inclusive playground in Amador County.

When Eva attended school, she did not have the opportunity to run and play without holding the hand of a staff member due to the lack of safe space for the Special Ed preschoolers to play. This playground will serve our community as a place where children of all abilities can feel the joys a playground is meant to offer. Eva's Playground will feature an industry-best poured-in-place rubber surface, an inclusive swing set, ride-on butterflies as well as musical features and more. All will be fully inclusive for all abilities. Our fundraising efforts will be the sole source of funding for this playground. We will be recognizing donors in the finished project and cannot wait to see this memorial playground come to life. Every dollar counts.

Please select "other" for the fund chosen when donating and specify in the box below with "Eva Clymer Memorial Fund" to ensure you are donating to the building of the playground. Amador Community Foundation is a 501(c)3, Tax ID # 68-0447992.

If the fund is not listed on the drop-down menu please select "Other" and write "Eva Clymer" in the box below to ensure your donation goes towards the playground.

a look back

From the day we were discharged from the hospital we were told our daughter may have complications, one of which concerned her skull, which was shocking to us after a very healthy and normal pregnancy with no red flags. At just shy of two weeks, we were given a diagnosis that crushed and confused us from the genetic testing done at birth (We insisted on retesting and at 8 weeks found out that someone had made a typo when entering her results into the system). After three weeks and losing a significant amount of weight from birth, regardless of our endless efforts to get her to gain weight, we were told that she was failing to thrive. On October 23, 2015 we feared cranial pressure and rushed her to UCSF Benioff's Children's Hospital in Oakland believing she would be having surgery to correct crainosynostosis. This is where this all begins. I plan to write the full story to share with anyone interested because when I look back it is hard to believe how much has happened in the last four years and I want to remember it all. Our Journey

UCSF Children's

October 23, 2015

First Steps

April 8, 2017

First Interview

September 15, 2018

Eva's first day of Preschool

September 27, 2018

With Love & Gratitude,

The Clymer Family