For Athena


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By γλαύκος

Great Athena

Gracious and Wise

Strong of arm,

Full of noble beauty

Please hear my fleeting voice.

I am a powerless man

With no ways or means

I struggle each day

To make my way

And my end shall be

Like others of no power.

No one shall remember me

None of my works shall survive.

But you Athena,

You are strong from the onset

From the dawn of time

Till it's end.

You are mighty

And your choice shall be the choice.

I implore you Athena,

To force responsibility

Upon those leaders of men,

Who scoff at correctness

And who hate Justice

With all their hearts.

They poison nations

With the smoke of their industry

They conspire to drive

Their corporations like tanks over the

Crushed lives of the third world

And keep vast arrays of people impoverished

Within their own house,

To do their bidding in a desperate way.

They feed them evil things

And disease them

To provide cures at great cost.

Innocent men are jailed

Guilty men walk free

Not by accident

But by design...

Justice is beaten and stoned

And dragged like Hector

through the streets of every nation,

And they mock her

like barking dogs biting at her legs.

You my great and Noble friend,

Are the Maker and Destroyer of Nations,

Your choice will be the choice.

As the men of old implored you

I implore you now to root out

and truncate the tendons

of the many handed ones,

The 500 Giants of East and West,

North and South,

who sprang from the corrupt lines

of the fake books.

They gathered all the fruits of the earth

And devoured them in an orgy

Refusing to plant their seeds so that

The many mortals could eat in turn.

And that which the Gods provided

For the mass of men...

Is burnt with hatred by them in a cloud of spite.

The smell of their crime may already have reached Olympus,

And the flood of milk has been poured away,

Lest it enter the mouths of the hungry.

These giants will be easy for you, Athena.

Like the giants you slew of old,

They were no match for you!

They fell before you in rows,

And none could outwit you.

So here is my prayer, Athena.

I await your victory over the world of men,

And the establishment of your throne.

My prayer and my hope is with you.