Flight 6 August 24, 2019


Launched at 9:25 am from our staff parking lot. We had new members of our team joining the alumni before they headed off to college.


Went off uneventfully. Ascent rate seemed slow, we later learned we were likely leaking He through the fill nozzle.


  1. We got the balloon back after discovering it had a leak. It could have floated for much longer.
  2. Wow - I guess it can lose helium.....and come down
  3. It was still inflated and floating above the trees which made it so we saw more than mile out. Very easy to recover.


Outside of Amador City in the foothills. We traveled through a number of cattle gates and found a homeowner to give permission for us to travel through.

We had our drone flying over to watch the launch.

Leaving Folsom High School